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    Fireworks 9 - Illustrator CS3 import

    dv8kiwi Level 1
      I have designed a very simple web layout in Illustrator and want to finalise it for a prototype in Fireworks. When I try to open or import it in FW I get the very helpful and descriptive message: "Could not open the file. An internal error occurred." I pulled the file apart and tried various times until I removed the culprit - a greyscale bitmap with a Luminosity Tranparency applied. So I assume the great new AI compatibility feature fails with transparency blends.

      Now when I opened it in FW it all worked except any bitmap whatsover which was linked in the original AI was missing in the FW. One of the bitmaps was in a clipping path. I selected the content and tried pasting it into the path in FW (which imported without the bitmap) but nothing happened. I just tried a straight paste and nothing happened. I then released the clipping path in illustrator, selected the bitmap and then pasted into the path. Nothing. Finally I did a straight paste and got it, copied it within FW and then successfully pasted into the path.

      However none of the other bitmaps which weren't in clipping paths would paste in the FW document at all! The bitmaps are in the clipboard, and viewable in the clipbook viewer, but will not paste in FW! All that appears is a "group" of 1 object the same shape and size of the bitmap, no line, no fill.

      There is no mention of bitmap incompatibility issues with FW importing AI anywhere on the Adobe website, in fact there is no mention of any problems at all. Just glowing references to how in CS3 you can "Open Illustrator files in Fireworks while preserving hierarchical layers, patterns, linked images, text attributes, transparency, and more." This is clearly NOT the case!

      I have encountered serious problems in my first attempt at a simple import operation - I hate to think of the problems I might encounter witth a more complex file.

      Does anybody have any suggestions of how to resolve these issues?

      Platform: Windows XP SP2
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Integration is best achieved through the Fw File > Import command.

          In Illustrator, open you doc, go file Save As, and at the dialog prompt, ensure Include Linked Files is ticked and proceed.

          In Fw, File > Import the .ai and you should get your necessary items into your doc.

          I just did a test with Clipping Mask and Linked Bitmap images and they imported fine.