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    How can I redirect LR to find my photos, which I just moved.


      Long story, but when I set up my new computer (Win 7/64) I found myself with two My Pictures folders, one nested inside the other, on my data drive.  The photos were in the second or inner folder.  No big deal except having to click twice to get the images files.  Well, then I loaded LR 5.2 which set up its Catalog inside the outer folder, and really really wanted to load downloaded photos there as well.  No problem, I though, I'll just opent the inner My Pictures folder, cut the files, then paste them in the outer folder along with the LR catalog.  A benefit is I can backup the Catalog at the same time as the photos.  Welllll, not.  LR can no longer find the photo locations, althoug it can still find its catalog.  How do I redirect LR to the right location for all the photo files, including of course, those that I've already imported.  Is there anything I need to do with the catalog as well?


      Thanks much,