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    Using Different Formats

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi guys

      I'm in CC on Win 7 (SP 1), 24 GB RAM with a NVIDIA Qvadro FX 3800.


      I've been working on a project where someone gave me 720/ 1080 mpg 4 footage to add to some 1440/ 1080 and 1920/ 1080 mpg 2 clips for a Youtube presentation. My normal workflow is an AE composition intro set at 1440 followed by a mix of 1440 and 1920 MPG 2 Clips (main camera and B-roll). To get around the format differences, I set my sequence to 1440 and export using the H.264/ 720 Youtube preset and the result is fine.


      With this project I set my sequence to 720 and resized the1440 and 1920 clips in the timeline. Project playback seemed fine although the 720 clips weren't as smooth as my resized 1440/1920 Clips. However when I exported to H.264 Youtube the result was only just passable and not a great ad. It wasn't smooth and although it wasn't interlacing it had that impression as fluid movement was slightly blurry. I rendered using 2 pass. One thing I hadn't seen before was it had to render the audio clips first before rendering the movie.


      Has anyone any suggestions to improve the export quality or is there a better way to mix clips of different formats?