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    Bug note: Autosave stops saving


      OSX 10.8.4  Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1 (105)


      Am using autosave defaults (save every 15 mins, maximum 20 versions).  Had a major crash on H264 export, on reboot I noticed that the autosave intervals were uneven, and then stopped at 5th save, 3 hours before my crash.


      Had this problem last week, but assumed it was user error.   Again today with better data trail (more autosave versions, last week, I had no autosaves available att all although the project had been open for 6 hours.)


      Today, autosave intervals were:


      Project opened,  3:05 pm


      1st save: 3:19 pm (about 15 mins)

      2nd save: 3:47 pm (18 min)

      3rd save:  4:27 pm (40 mins)

      4th save:   5:05 pm (38 mins)

      5th save:   5:24 pm (19 mins).


      autosaves stopped here until crash 2 1/2 hours later.


      The crashes are due to my graphics card and the fact that I left mercury engine turned on.   The autosave problem seems to be with this version of CC.  CS6 was great, stable once I turned off mercury acceleration and didn't get to click happy when trimming.  It always saved if it crashed.  CC does not come close.   It's a lesson for me to save as a new project every day when I open a project, and then manually save frequently.