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    I have Production Premium CS6 and am having issues seeing video and pictures.


      I had no issues for several months, and then about a month ago, I slowly starting having problems with video not displaying in Premiere.  Restarting the application or opening another project cleared up the issues until recently, when that work around stopped working and I cannot play video or see any pictures in Premiere anymore.  If I change the workspace set up to an "Editing" setup, I can at least double click on the program monitor and see a still frame.  But when I play the clip, only audio will play, the video remains frozen on the still frame.



      About the same time that Premiere stopped working, After Effects stopped working as well, as well as my 64 bit version of Photoshop (the 32 bit version does work).  Illustrator and Bridge both work as 64 bit versions.  After Effects will open my older projects but the program monitor is just white and I cannot get the display to change.  Photoshop will import files but the display just remains gray.  Even if I start a new project and just try to add a text, nothing changes, I can see nothing.  Although I can import and image, make changes and save them, I just have no idea what it looks like until I save it and reopen it with another program.


      Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


      Here's my computer info:

      Toshiba Qosimo X875

      Windows 8

      Intel i7-3630QM - 2.4 GHz

      12 GB RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M - 3  GB


      BTW, I have uninstalled and reinstalled th software and still get the same issues.


      All videos are .MOV files (H.264) and pictures are JPEG.  I had not problems with any of these files until about a month ago.