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    Filling a project with transitions...


      Hi there,


      I work with a dutch version of PRE so i'm not familiar with the English expressions for certain things.

      My projects have a lot of clips and pics in them. I always use one kind of transition between them (cross-fading).

      After every clip I have to apply a transition manually.

      Is it possible to fill a complete project with one kind of transition at once? That would save me a lot of time, clicking and effort...

      Thanks for your replies!

      Take Care!




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, there is.


          Select all of the video and photos on your timeline, either by dragging across them or pressing Ctrl+a on your keyboard. Right-click on this group and you will find the option to Apply Default Transition between all of the clips.


          By default, the Default Transition is the Cross Dissolve -- but you can set it to any transition you'd like.