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    SWF on chrome is not loading

    Mohit M Chavda Level 1


      My application is not working well in google chrome.


      Some time swf on my .aspx page load properly but some time it is not loading and get white background.
      When i change version number from swf name in embed object like "Main.swf?version1.0.0" then browser is loading new swf file and it works well.

      But when i sign out from my application, change version code for loading fresh swf and sign in from user machine at that time chrome is not loading swf.


      I have also set callback function in swfobject.embedSWF function but it gives PercentLoaded = 0

      ( I take reference code from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7710799/load-timer-on-swfobject-for-swf-load-time )


      is there any way so i can check that if percentloader is continuos gives 0 value then clear page cashe using javascripting and reload the swf file again within page.