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    Sharing user-defined variables in RH7

      RH7 lets you define user variables in a project... is there a way to import them from one project into another?

      I figured out the answer to my own question; will include here in case others are looking.

      The RH7 help doesn't say that the variables are stored in rhvariable.apj -- simple XML so you can copy the whole file into another RH project, or edit the variables in the file (using Notepad, etc.) and copy/paste from one project rhvariable.apj file to another if they share a number of variables.
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          NorBec Level 1

          Thank you!  This works in RH8 also.


          I added frequently used results statements to the list of user defined variables.  In those statements, time-consuming screen tip text is added to image properties of buttons, text is bolded according to writing standards, and hyperlinks of pop-ups can be applied.


          Another discovery shared by a teammember:  Placeholder text for fieldnames or other content can be used in a user defined variable statement.  After importing the statement, simply right-click the text where inserted in the topic, select Remove Attribute, and replace the placeholder text with specific content.


          The fact that I can share this with multiple authors on my project using this advice is greatly appreciated!