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      I need to change the language on ADE. And I bought a book with Kobo that is a PDF file. Since I use my laptop or my iPod touch to read material on Kobo, I need help figuring out how to read the book on ADE. I downloaded the software but the book did not appear. What do I do?

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          The language of the book will be fixed in the book, and ADE should be able to read it regardless of the language ADE is using itself

          (as long as appropriate fonts are installed for the book language, or the book has embedded fonts).


          You should be able to read it on ADE by any of

          • drag-drop the book onto ADE from explorer,
          • open it with ADE using ctrl-O in ADE
          • associate ADE with .pdf using the Windows (or Mac equivalent) right click in Explorer and 'open with'