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    create local temp table

    iccsi Level 1

      I need to create a temp local table and look for ColdFusion informaiton, the cffile action write only can write text file, pictures is more to create file.

      I would like to know does ColdFusion support to create local temp tables on session start,

      If yes, should be able to get client temp directory and access the data using temp directory without using data source from ColdFusion server?

      Your help and information is great appreciated,







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          EddieLotter Level 4

          "session start" is a server side concept. The server cannot access the client's temp directory.


          Please explain what you are trying to achieve and perhaps we can suggest some solutions.

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            iccsi Level 1

            Thanks for the information and help,

            I use jQuery combox to let user type selection from drop down box, but the table has more than 10,000 records which has performance issue. I would like to load to client machine to let user access locally to resolve performance issue using jQuery combo box,


            Thanks again for helping,





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              Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Seems like a AJAX-powered autocomplete control, with a minimum number of characters required to start the AJAX requests, would be a more suitable choice.  Then you would only pull back a smaller set of results to pick from.  Personally, I'd never put more than a few dozen items in a combobox/select control for useability reasons.


              -Carl V.

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                iccsi Level 1

                Thanks for the information,

                Yes, I agree,

                The only thing is the table has so many records, I should consider other user interface to complete this task,

                To load more than 10,000 records to a dropdown is just not right user interface,