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    Help with editing computer build?


      I'm building a computer to use for editing, and I'm wondering how intensively Premiere, AE, etc. use the gpu, or if it's utilized at all in rendering, as this will affect my graphics card choice. I'm using cs6, but I'm curious as to how it works with cc as well.


      I'm also wondering how hard drive speed affect performance?


      Here's my build so far:


      Intel i7 4770

      Asus z87 pro

      Gskill Sniper 1866 dual channel ram, 8gb

      PC Power and Cooling 950W Silencer psu

      Windows 8 64bit

      Rosewill Thor v2W case

      WD Velociraptor 10,000rpm hdd, 500gb


      I'd also be happy to hear any other recommendations of what I can do to improve my editing experience, as I'm pretty new to this side of film and video. Also, if you're a fanboy planning to make a comment about how much you hate my operating system choice, don't. I only included it in case it makes a difference in how the software operates. Thanks in advance!