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    Need to Sync multiple images to multiple Audio markers

    MichaelEditor Level 1

      Hi everyone !


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS6 (and CC lately). I have a 30-minute audio clip in my timeline with around 200 Markers applied to it (manually entered by me at certain audio points, every 5-10 seconds or so apart roughly). I've also prepared 200 images for my presentation.


      I'm looking for an "automatic" way to drop those 200 images on my timeline and have them "synced" with the 200 audio markers (so each image starts and ends exactly between 2 markers, "snapping" to them, so the images change according to the audio markers - like a "smart" slideshow "synced" to my audio markers).


      I know I can do that manually on the timeline one-by-one for each image ("snapping" to its markers), but I was just wondering if I can do it in a "batch way" or something...


      Could you possibly help ? Many thanks in advance guys !!