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      I have just finished a very complex 5:30 video.  It plays fine in previews.  However, when trying to export to movie format it always stops before the end and says unknown error encountered.  It always does this at the same time of 4:38-4:40.  New video in samke position does not change the result si it's not the clip itself.  Coped all to new prjoject.  Same problem.  Converted sections to avi or wmv formate and bumped them together as completed project again.  Same result.  All plays well in preview but fails in converting to movie format no matter what format.  Is my soeftware corrupt.  Whatr's up.  How can I save this project of many hours?  HELP HELP HELP!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Have you tried rendering the sequence?

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            Sabiston70 Level 1

            Yes, sequence fully rendered.  Shortened project by knocking off colorbars on front.  Failure in rendering to movie file format occurs still at exactly same position in time line of product.  It has nothing to do with whatever video is present at that position.

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              Michael MTT Level 2

              enough disc space for export?

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                If it renders fine,  you can always use the preview files for export.

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                  Sabiston70 Level 1

                  Thank all of you for your responses.  Never did actually find a fix for the problem, but when I updated the software with the latest updates, the problem was resolved.  We do some pretty heavy editing and effects and we're really LOVING this and after effects.  We have a few suggestions that would really simplify a few procedures and will be offering them to Adobe as time goes on and we do more.  To date the program has yet to fall short of doing everything we ask and then some.  Sometimes it requires several layers to end up with the final effect and proper layer positioning front to back, but it still has always filled the bill.


                  Thanks again for all the responses.

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                    Sabiston70 Level 1

                    Thanks for the response.  Turns out it was a glitch, bug, or corruption of the program software.  Updated the software with a fresh download and problems was solved.  I’d tried everything but as for computer problem, I’m running 64 bit, terabyte RAID HD’s, 32GB RAM, and 4 Core Processor.  I did consider RAM, but the entire 5 minutes rendered of eight video layers and three audio layers, finally rendered into 380MB wmv file of 1080p HD wide screen format.




                    It encourages me to know som many out there will take the time to get involved in problems with the software.  Thanks again.




                    Tom Sabiston


                    Panama City, Florida