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    Loseless MVC/AVCHD render




      I have Sony HXRNX3D1E NXCAM 3D/ 2D WorldCam (PAL/NTSC) and we have material in .mts files encoded in MVC (h.264 AVC amendment for Multiview Video Codec). When I just do simple editing be it in Adobe, Vegas 11 or other sw and select render and choose bluray or avcd (everything is set as the original 1920x1080 50i) there is a noticable quality loss, sometime stuterring. I read that h.264 in on itself is lossy. How do I work around this?

      Back in the day when I was playing around with VirtulDub and editing xvid .avi files there was an option to save the edited file with the same encoding that the source material was (e.g. xvid) then there was no rendering involved (lightning quick) and no quality loss compared to the source files. Is there a way to preserve the quality or not render the files at all but rather save using the same encoding the source has without re-render?


      Side note . I read that to import 3D .mts MVC in adobe one must use http://3dtv.at  mvc to avi but at the moment thats not the issue as i'm trying to preserve the quality and then fugure out the editing sw later. Also if one would use 3dtv.at's mvc to avi does that mean that uncompressed avi is loseless?