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    unistall Conduit search engine

    Alan J. Zell

      I keep getting a pop up for Flash player to update.  What it does is install a 'Conduit search engine" on Chrome browser.   2 questions:


      Why is Adobe sending out this download?

      How can I uninstall it?


      Alan Zell  [email address removed]

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          pwillener Level 8

          From where are you downloading that update?


          If that notification does not lead you to an adobe.com address, then it's a fake.

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            Alan J. Zell Level 1

            It's a pop up window that has a "F" logo in the top L corner.  Now, I'm

            sure, it's a fake  or scam riding in on that sometimes  Adobe sends out update



            Not only does it install the Conduit search engine, it also adds several

            other programs.  To uninstall these other programs is easy.  Conduit is not. 

            Through a Google search I did find a way to delete the Conduit search engine

            which I'm passing on




            Toolbars can be easily uninstalled like any other browser add-on or

            extension. The uninstall process differs slightly depending on which browser you

            are using.


            Internet Explorer

            Click the Start menu.

            Select Control Panel.

            Click Uninstall a program under Programs. (Or click Programs and Features.)

            Right-click the relevant toolbar and select Uninstall.



            Click the Firefox button (or Tools menu) at the top of the browser window.

            Select Add-ons.

            Select Extensions.

            Click the Disable or Remove button for the relevant toolbar.



            Click the Chrome menu  (or wrench icon) at the top of the browser window.

            Select Settings.

            Select the Extensions tab.

            Find the relevant toolbar and click the Remove button .


            Btw, Internet helper is also installed when Conduit is installed.



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              Adobe is not "sending it out".  You are not paying attention to your update screen and unchecking the addon box.  You have the option to not install it.  Instead of blindly clicking next-next-next for installs, READ each screen and pay attention to what it is asking you to agree to.  You can choose to disagree or skip that file.  Clicking on disagree will not stop you from getting your Adobe update.  Conduit and SweetIm/Sweetbar/etc are insidious and dig themselves in deep.  In our repair lab, we have to run VipreScan and MalwareBytes Antimalware and MSE to get all the pieces out.  If it gets in there really bad, we also have to use Hijack this.  Worst case scenarios we had to do a complete HDD wipe and clean install of the OS.