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    Boilerplate.CSS (and Hierarchy)


      I want to make a change to my boilerplate.css, but I seem to remember hearing "DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN BOILERPLATE". There is a rule for ul (unoredered lists) that have a 40px left marg/pad I want to get rid of. Can (or should) I change the 40px to 0px in the boilerplate.css, or should I make a rule on my stylesheetmain.css?


      Is it OK to alter general, common CSS rules for the boilerplate.css?



      Also CSS Hierarchy:







      I have these 4 stylesheets for my page, boilerplate, being the pre-defined css rules, stylesheetmain, being my custom css, default css, a 'core' styles css stylesheet included with: component css, the stylesheet for my horizontal dropdown menu. These stylesheets are listed (and installed) in the hierarchal order listed above (in my CSS Styles Panel).


      I believe these are all 'external css stylesheets'.


      Seems from what I recall, that some rules I would create new for my stylesheetmain would work, but when I created a rule in my stylesheetmain to alter another CSS rule from another styleseet, it would not work? I may have not done it correct, or understand the CSS Hierarchy of multiple stylesheets. How do they affect each other? How should rules be handled-applied?


      I do: Keep duplicate copies of all my HTML, CSS, and other files, as good practice.


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.