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    Is there a way to "convert" a Creative Cloud .prproj to work with CS6?

    Dan Esp Level 1

      I know that Creative Cloud isn't backwords compatible and it can't run on Vista. With that given, is there some way I can convert it through some sort of tool or open source program? I have Vista and my director was a bit ignorant with the difference in the versions. I was ignorant too and I kept getting the "file damaged" error. I need to get this film done soon and I can't upgrade my PC to Win 7 and get CC because of my economic situation. Does anyone know of any tool or program?


      PS: Also, if any staff is reading this. I recomend patching CS6 programs and leave a less confusing message. Maybe something along the lines of "This file was saved with a version of Premire Pro tha isn't compatible with CS6"