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    Optimization anyone?

    CrazyMerlin Level 1
      Hi peeps,

      I have a GIF that is only 530bytes, and noticed that when I opened it in CS3 to crop it, and then I saved it, it comes out at 13K. I thought that CS3 have thrown a huge palette on it so I used the optimization wizard and it still came out as 13K.

      Thinking that the optimization wizard was obviously very limited, I set the palette to exact, which happened to be just 24 colors....and yes, it still takes up 13K.

      I then tried to save it as a 32 color greyscale palette GIF, no transparency and still......13K!!!!!

      How can an image of 24 shade, greyscale palette, 60px by 30px possibly have a disk cost of 13K??

      Is this a CS3 bug or is it a dupe?

      Any help greatly appreciated,