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    Audio in MOV repeats during video playback issue

    S. Eash

      Hi, I'm having a problem that has me stumped. 


      1) I open Premiere and go to the media browser panel and find a MOV clip from a canon DSLR that I want to import.

      2) I double click on the clip and it opens in the source monitor.

      3) I hit the space bar to play the clip.

      4) it starts playing fine, but part way through the audio starts back at the very beginning while the video continues playing fine.

      5) I move it into the project bin, put it into a sequence and look at the waveform.

      6) The waveform shows that the audio plays from the beginning for a while, then repeats from the beginning--one continuous waveform as if the audio was recorded that way.

      7) I open the original file in window's media player and the clip plays as it should--with the audio playing from start to finish in sync with the audio--No repeating.

      8) I duplicate the clip and import it again.  Same result.

      9) It's not just Premiere, but all Adobe products.  The clip works fine in other, non-adobe programs.

      10) Sometimes the audio will play fine for the first part, towards the middle loop back to beginning, then correct it self at the end.  (as an illustration, "AABD" instead of, "ABCD")


      This only happens with perhaps 5% of the clips I import.  The rest are fine.  I can't find an explanation for why some clips are doing this and others not.  I cleaned the media cache and still no change.


      I have CS5.5 on Window's 7 64bit.


      Thanks in advance for your help.