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    How do I upload onto Youtube with smooth results?

    Nicholas Choi

      How do other animators on Youtube post flash animations that don't end up lagging?

      Do they have other programs or software that I'm missing?

      Why can't I upload SWF files?


      Everytime I upload a flash animation onto Youtube it never plays smoothly.

      Certain frames in my videos skip, or stay frozen for the remainder of the video, just lagging all over,

      and my videos are less than 30 seconds long with a frame rate of 24 fps!


      Exporting on Flash from SWF to MOV files also produced files that had the same lagging issues, but I managed to get

      smooth playback after multiple re-exports, it's when I upload onto Youtube they end up laggy again.


      I've converted my SWF files into MOV, AVI and MP4 files, but they all result in getting messed up on Youtube.


      It's so frustating that both Youtube AND Flash can't export or upload content without screwing it up.

      I figured I'd first ask here on Adobe to see if anyone's got answers.


      I need a solution on how to upload flash animations onto Youtube that play back the same as it was intended.

      Please help.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Swf to video conversion was always a problem in flash. Thats why there are literally dozens of commercial swf2video converters on the market.

          To be able to get the best quality with flash you have to have a decent machine with at least 8GB RAM a quadcore and a fast HD.

          If you get choppy results it might be that your machine is not up to the task.


          Try to google swf2video and look into solutions of other companys.

          There is also a free converter swivel.

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