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    Adobe Premeire CC7 crashes on load


      I just installed CC7 of PPro (twice) and it will not startup, just crashes.

      I uninstalled all CS software, regretable, so I could try reinstalling without the legacy suite.

      AE CC7 loads.



      I'm not getting a crash report and this is very annoying. How do I fix this or revert to CS6 which worked without fault.


      NOW I'm getting "adobe premiere pro could not find any capable video play modules", the application was crashing before I updated the graphic drivers to V327.23 from 311 (or something, it was from Jan 13)


      The crash is happening of "Loading ImporterQuickTime.prm", so I installed QuickTime, still crashing at the same spot


      My Setup

      i5-3470 3.2Ghz

      12GB of Ram

      Window 7 Home Premuim SP1

      GTX460, V327.23 driver


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