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    Displaying Embedded Captions

    hbkidd_navy Level 1

      I'm creating an 800+ slideshow of photographs that have captions embedded in the "PROPERTIES - Details - Title".    I want the captions to display at the bottom of the image - as an overlay.

      Can this be done with Elements?   How?   I can do it in Picasa, but it doesn't proivde scaling of images to fit with in the safe zone for text.    Any suggestions will be most welcome.    THANK YOU

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          First, a few questions, please:


          1. What version of PrE are you using?
          2. What OS version are you using?
          3. Exactly where are you creating your SlideShow, such as Elements Organizer, Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, other?
          4. When you say that you have "embedded" your captions, exactly where, and how have you done this?


          In PrE, one can create Lower-Third Titles, which will display, with Text and, if necessary, Shapes, and those can be placed anywhere, at the top, middle or bottom of the Images (Slides).


          Good luck,



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            hbkidd_navy Level 1



            In answer to you questions,



            1.  I have PS & Premiere Elements 10

            2   Windows 7 64 bit

            3.  I have tried -  I have tried PrE, but not orgianzer, and in Premiere Elements.

            I'll create the slideshow in which ever app can do job.

            4.   The captions are "embedded" in each images properties/details/title.  (So of you right-click on an image file - open properties, open the "detail" tab - the Captions is in the title.


            --  I know how to create titles and place them within a image, etc.   But will PS or PrE automatically display the caption for the image properties - title?

            FYI - in Picasa you can create a slideshow and set image to display the "embedded" caption,  BUT it won't allow you to scale the image to show the caption, when running the image from a DVD on a TV/Projector.   PrE, of course, allows you to scale the image to include the title in the "text safe" area for display on a TV or Projector.

            If you interested I can provide a small sample of a 5 image slideshow that displays the caption.


            I created a 21 second video and loaded it to You Tube.   Here is the link  http://youtu.be/y1085y6sdEY


            I tried to use the insert video link but it won't work.  

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for that information.


              It appears that you have "embedded" the titles into metadata, for some display programs to use, when displaying the Image(s).


              I do not know of a way to link that embedded metadata, to produce a Title in PrE.


              PrE can be used to add a Lower-Third (many examples included in the Additional Functional Content for Pre, and one can create their own, then Export that to a Title Template, PRTL file, to be used over and over), but extracting that metadata will be the issue. Maybe others know of a 3rd party program, that can be used, to atleast extract that metadata, so that one could Copy & Paste it into Lower-Third Titles, but I believe that would be a 1 for 1 proposition, with each Title having to be created by hand in PrE.


              Let's hope that others will have some suggestions for that extraction of the metadata, and then more "automatic" inclusion as Text in a PrE Title, but I do not.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Also, for a SlideShow, it could well be possible that a SlideShow creation program, such as Pro Show's Gold, or Producer, CAN read that metadata, and then display it, sort of like a CC (Closed Captioned) output. The Pro Show programs, can output to various video formats. http://www.photodex.com/eid9232/proshow/producer?gclid=CL2F-b-w8bkCFcU7MgodOSgADA


                I have explored Pro Show Producer, and it is a well-thought of program, but have never tried to do what you need. Possible? Could be?


                Good luck,



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I do not know if I am on the same wave length with you on this but here is my take on your question....


                  1. Given you have this photo with "embedded" caption and somewhere you are reading in its properties that a title is included. What program did you use to create and embed the caption, and what program is this properties readout coming from?


                  If I use Elements Organizer to create a slideshow, the Slideshow Editor preferences allows me to set for "include Photo Captions As Text". So, first, before I go to the Slideshow Editor, I type my caption UNDER the photo showing in the Elements Organizer. When in the Slideshow Editor with my preferences set, what I typed will appear within the image at its bottom, not outside and underneath it.


                  Now when I send that slideshow to Premiere Elements for video editing/export, I am going to find that slideshow on the Premiere Elements Timeline in a video format (.psess). I cannot edit the "caption" or move it around in that video format.

                  But, because of certain integration features between the Elements Organizer and Premiere Elements, I can right click the video slideshow on the Premiere Elements Timeline, select Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow, and have that happen. At this time, I have the individual components of the slideshow including title file (aka caption) that I can edit and reposition.


                  From what you wrote, it is not clear how your video slideshow is going to lend itself to breaking apart in Premiere Elements if it is not part of an Adobe integration scheme.


                  Please review and determine if any of the above relates to what you seek.





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                    hbkidd_navy Level 1

                    Thanks - at least I'll now be able to use the correct term "metadata"  I'll try your suggestions and any others I see.


                    Thanks again



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                      hbkidd_navy Level 1

                      I now know that I should be using the term "METADATA" - i.e.  data embedded in the image file.


                      I'll try the ELEMENTS - organizer and see what I can accomplish.





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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Looking forward to your results from projects involving photo with embedded text.


                        You might want to consider also a scheme using just Premiere Elements, that is, import your photo(s), and then use the Premiere Elements Titler to create your "caption" as text title. In this type of scenario, the title is placed on Video 2 directly above the photo on Video 1. You can edit the title including repositioning, scaling it, changing the text and its attributes, etc.


                        Although the following is not specifically what you are asking about, please check out my blog post on Premiere Elements title with "embedded image" created in the program's Titler and the problems run into (See Important Update Message at end of the blog post).