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    Premiere Pro CC "general error" when importing FCP 7 xml file

    CC-papillon Level 1

      I have edited a film using Final Cut Pro 7 on a Mac which is not mine (and now several 100 kms away). I would like to do some more editing on the project using Final Cut Pro CC  (trial version, to test if it does everything I need it to do before buying). I exported my film as an xml file to import into Premiere, but Premiere now tells me it cannot import because of a "general error". (I also have Premiere CS4 on my computer which crashes when I try to import the xml file - but that has some problems with reading my image material anyway, which is why I wanted to try switching to Premiere CC). Any hints on how I could solve this problem (preferably without getting the Mac back which I can't right now) would be much appreciated. Many thanks!