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    Adobe Premiere Pro won't load mpg file (there was an error decompressing audio or video)

    RTN TV

      camera: Sony HXR-MC2000

      PC: hp pavilion g6 intel core i3 m370 2.4ghz RAM: 3gb

      O/S: win7 Home Premium

      Adobe: CS6


      1. when i load this video file into the above pc it tells me "there was an error decompressing audio or video"


      2. when i load the same video file into the premiere pro on my

      iMac it works fine.


      i want to be able to work from my laptop whiles at home, imac is in office.


      iMac 9.1

      Intel Core 2 Duo 3.6ghz

      Memory:          4gb

      O/S: Mac OS X 10.6.8


      3. I have formatted my hp pc and done new installation but the problem still pop-up again