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    Use form at health fair


      I would like to use a form I created at a registration desk at a health fair.  The volunteers are registering the participants on laptops, how can this be done

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          This certainly sounds like something you could, especially given internet access at the Health Fair.  Will you have internet access?


          If you have internet simply create your form using the fields and features you would like (such as email notifications, reciepts etc).  You'd probably want to set the form to reload the page on submit, this would reset the form for the next participant.  This setting is on the "Options" - "Redirect URL" tab, choose "Reload the form...".


          At the even the volunteers can have the laptops with the web browser open to the form, allow a participant to fill it out and click "Submit", after the submit the form would reset and the next participant could fill it out.  There could be multiple laptops filling and submitting this form at the same time.


          If you do not have internet access at the event you could save the form as a PDF and have the PDF filled out at the fair, it is not as streamlined and would require some work on the part of the volunteers, if you need to know more about this route let me know.




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            foundationdiabov2 Level 1


            Thank you so much for the prompt and useful response.   I will have to go

            for option 2 because the event will be held in rural Tobago where Internet

            access is unavailable.  However,if it could it be set up so that the

            volunteers fill in the info on the laptops rather than writing that will be

            good.  Besides, the generation of the report will be extremely useful for

            us (we plan to purchase the program if we can use it).  If I could program

            the form beforehand so that volunteers could just click and fill in the

            answers and move on to the next form that would be good.  Please let me


            Thank you very much.

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              This is definitally possible but as noted will require more work and the volunteers would have to take a a few steps after the user fills out the PDF to save that filled out version and clear the original form for the next user.  This is a few steps...


              You would want to make the PDF "Read Only" (or on a Mac "Locked") so that the original form is never modified or overwritten with user data.  Keep the form on the Desktop so it is easy to open for each participant - the volunteer would open that PDF, the participant would fill it out and hand the laptop back to the volunteer who would do a "File - Save As" and name the PDF, saving all PDFs to a specified location for the event.  Then the volunteer would close this PDF and open the original "Read Only" PDF for the next participant to fill out.


              Also, after returning from the Health Fair you'd have to open each PDF and click "Submit" to get that data into FormsCentral.


              I hope those intructions made some sense, it is not the easiest workflow but without internet connection you do have to do some extra work.




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