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    Workflow suggestion

    Greg Popp Level 2

      I'm rather new to After Effects, and I'm quickly learning there a million ways to tackle a problem.  I'd love a suggestion for a workflow for an effect I want to create.


      I'm simplify the task.  Let's say I have a video clip of a guy with two coffee stains on his t-shirt.  He's seated, but is breathing and moving around a bit.  The camera is stationary.


      I want to clone one of the stains, change it's shape a bit, and move it to a different area on his shirt. 


      I feel like a duplicate layer with a masked stain is the way to go over the clone stamp tool.  Yes?  However, I just want a still of the stain - a mask doesn't hold as the original stains move a bit.  Not sure how to use just a single frame from a dupication over an entire clip.


      And - how do I best motion track and attach the masked, repositioned stain to the movement?  And for extra credit - how would I add some lighting sheen to the stain to keep it from being too matte?


      The more specific you can be, the better.  Thanks in advance.  This is an incredible tool and I'm so glad I finally decided to tackle it.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you want  is point tracking. You need to know about layers, keyframes, and blend modes to pull this off.


          Put your footage in a new comp. Motion track the movement of the shirt by selecting something on the shirt that moves the way the shirt moves. You might want to do this tracking in Mocha if there's not any detail in the shirt.


          Once you track the motion you apply the tracking data to a null, parent the null to a stain layer and then adjust the blend modes, probably to overlay, to make the stain look like it's part of the shirt. Then you put another layer on top of the stain layer, add a shene to that layer by any of a dozen techniques including soft edge masks and the Add or Screen blend mode. Parent the sheen layer to the null and then either mask it to limit the effect or use a copy of the stain layer as a track matte.


          It would really help to see some footage. The point is that you'd do everything exactly the same way you would do it in Photoshop except for doing the tracking and adding the null.

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            Greg Popp Level 2

            Makes complete sense.  Nicely explained.  Thank you.