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    My project froze, please help!!


      I was working on a premiere project for a few hours, and I opened it a few minutes ago. Everything was working properly and I wanted to do a test narration, it worked properly. I went to do the actual narration, and it wouldn't let me hit the play/record button. It wouldn't let me play the video that I had already created. I exported a version of it earlier to see what it was like, and I opened the exported version and it was running in slow motion. I closed premier without saving so maybe it would take me back to the original settings, but when I opened it, it did the same thing. I can't do anything in it anymore. If I hit play the video doesn't go and the timeline doesn't move either. It's not frozen because I can click buttons, just nothing happens! I don't want to open a new project. Is there a way that I can copy my current editing into a new project so that maybe it will start working again.