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    Stop all sounds




      I know this may sound stupid.  I am trying to load videos before they play. Can anyone tell me simply, how to stop all volume from the video.  I found the code, " "stopAllSounds();"  but no matter where I insert it, either in each video clip or a seperate layer it doesn't work.  I have a presentation tomorrow morning and I am trying to find a solution to my problem.  I have positioned the videos for the first 11 frames.  I would like to mute the sound and have them play with the graphic of the video loading.  I have posted my problem in 2 different post approaching it from 2 different angles.  I am posting this because it is a seperate question as those before were to accomplish the same objective.  So far, I have not received a single answer.  If you know please help and please don't respond with "Why would you want to..."