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    BUG: Grouping is reordering my elements backwards when publishing

    ianzamojc Level 1

      I have a comp with a group containing several child elements. I use the group to do a large pan while the child elements do their own animations. I specifically went with this approach rather than use a symbol because I need to be able to edit the parent and child keyframes at the same time.


      When I preview the animation, it plays correctly, however, when I publish, the layers get re-ordered. I tried publishing with the "Publish content as static HTML" and discovered that within my group, the child elements were ordered in reverse. By that I mean the element that should have been the highest layer was the first element in the HTML, and since browsers follow the "painter method", it means that element will be furthest back.


      I tried ungrouping the elements and they published in the correct order, with the highest layer being put last in the HTML file. Unfortunately, I can't even manually edit the order of the elements in the HTML since it appears the Edge scripts are making certain assumptions about the DOM.