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    Fill tool not work?


      I'm very new to flash and I am trying to fill some shapes I have drawn however I can't get the fill tool to work.


      I have selected the option in the fill menu to fill gaps. But this has had no effect, neither has filling the gaps manually. Grouping them doesn't work either. Attached is an image of my screen I can't get any of the shapes pictured to fill. Is there something else I might need to do to get them to fill? Nothing seems to work I've been painting each frame manually on a second layer but it is just taking too long. Filling only seems to do anything when I click on a line and then it colors it. Help please!


      Screen: i.imgur.com/21XIwfl.png?1

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          dekkuran Level 1

          Update, when I select all the disperate parts of the objects depicted and select: modify/combineobjects/unison then it allows to fill small sections of them. I've got another picture here. Is there a way to stop the program filling the object in this idiotic way.


          Screen: i.imgur.com/5PCyEZE.png?1

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