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    Slowness at startup with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 inside a Proxy


      Hi all


      I recently started working for a state government agency, we have 2 users in our department that have Adobe Premiere Elements 11 installed (they have for quite a while) I noticed while working on their PC that Photoshop elements can take 5-10 minutes to start once they click on video editor and new Project, also the help files do not work they produce a page cannot be found error.

      I am replacing there PC in a standard upgrade rollout schedule and I have noticed the same issue on their new PC's, after looking into this I thought I would try the application on the same PC but connected up to a standard ADSL line outside of our network and proxy, the application opens with 10-15 seconds and the help menus are working.


      Is there any exceptions I could ask our network administrators to put into the proxy to allow the traffic out and in to fix this issue.


      The PC is running Adobe Premiere Elements 11

      Windows 7 x32 install

      The PC far exceeds the minimum requirements for the application as listed on this website.



      Any help would be great, thank you in advance for your time.