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    Ant build failed, 'compiler.extensions' unknown configuration variable

    cgascons Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to compile a SWC via an ANT build file loading my configuration xml file generated from Flash Builder. The compiler is whining about the compiler.extensions, it says is an unknown configuration variable, here's the stack:



      Buildfile: C:\Users\cgascons\Documents\workspace\TCGEngine\build.xml


           [echo] Target::generateAssets


           [echo] Target::compile

          [mxmlc] Unknown:compiler.extensions

          [mxmlc] Loading configuration: C:\Users\cgascons\Documents\workspace\TCGEngine\ant_config.xml

          [mxmlc] C:\Users\cgascons\Documents\workspace\TCGEngine\ant_config.xml:8

          [mxmlc] Warning: 'compiler.accessible' is not fully supported.

          [mxmlc]       <accessible>false</accessible>

          [mxmlc] C:\Users\cgascons\Documents\workspace\TCGEngine\ant_config.xml:49

          [mxmlc] Error: unknown configuration variable 'compiler.extensions'.

          [mxmlc] C:\Users\cgascons\Documents\workspace\TCGEngine\ant_config.xml (line: 49)

          [mxmlc]       <extensions>




      C:\Users\cgascons\Documents\workspace\TCGEngine\build.xml:18: mxmlc task failed


      Does anybody know what could be happening here?