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    How do I add an active state to my click (only)

    HackyLovesLibby Level 1

      Here's a screen shot of what I mean.

      Preemption Sample.JPG

      I want the active state of the button to be an opacity:.3


      Thank you very much

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          AMULI Level 4

          Hi HackyLovesLibby,


          You will need a variable, say current, to store which section is currently highlighted. It's essential, as when another section is selected, you must first restore the normal state for the previously current section.


          See that thread (where you'll find an example to download) : http://forums.adobe.com/message/5410456#5410456


          So, before playing the main timeline, your click event handler will execute something like that


          sym.getSymbol(current).playReverse(500);         // here, you restore normal opacity

          current = e.target.getAttribute("ID").split("_")[1];

          sym.getSymbol(current).play(0);                           // here, you set reduced opacity



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