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    Transforming colors?


      Im stumped...


      My project that I am working on is a still image that animates during the duration of an audio clip.

      What I am trying to accomplish is transforming the colors of the image throughout my AE Project.


      I have a comp all set up and only the image loaded into a 4m20s duration. (Not adding audio until Im finished with animating because I don't have "great" RAM)


      So far, I have the part cut out from the image that I would like change the colors to.


      With my first adjustment layer, (with the part I want to change selected), I add the Color Mixer onto it.


      I then mix the colors to what I want the image to slowly change to, previewed it and works fine.


      Then when I go to add the next set of colors that I want the image to slowly transform to, it just switches to that new set of colors in a blink of an eye without a slow transformation from the new previous set of colors.


      EX. I have a background of a forest and the first adjustment layer from the start of the video to about 45seconds it slowly transforms the colors of the forest.

      When I go to create another layer to have it then go from the colors it changed to, to a new set of colors, it automatically just switches. No slow transformation and really noticeable.


      I am trying to figure out how I can go from the original color of the image, slowly transform to another color, and from that new color slowly transform to another and another and so on until the end of the project.


      It seems I can only get the first transformation done and then after that it gets really confusing.


      Any help is very much appreciated, thanks!