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    Capturing HDV Footage - Crashes on pressing Play (CS 6)


      Hey all,


      Just got the new CS6 for our college for whom I am the Media departments Technician. We usually use Final Cut Pro 7, which had been great but we have decided to go for the whole Master Collection for all the creative arts departments.


      When using Premiere Pro CS6 on our Macs using either/ or the Sony HVR-A1E's or HVR-1000E's we can get the device recognized and online and even use transport controls to rewind and fast forward the tapes with no errors and the footage comes up in preview window. However as soon as we press play or record, Premiere imediatly crashes with no error message. I've been tearing my hair out over this as I've tried adjusting all the properties on the cameras and in the settings to no avail. Just seems to be a problem with playing and capturing the footage.


      Although we still have Final Cut and could just use that to capture, it would be ideal to do everything within Premiere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!