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    Imported .aif plays whole step too low in PP CC and PP CS6

    tenorocity Level 1

      I discovered this weird issue yesterday.


      I'm on a Mac Pro running osx 10.8.5


      After creating a music track in Logic Audio X, when I imported it into my PP CC sequence the audio played one whole step too low in pitch.  The same happened independent of the sequence settings (44.1 vs. 48 khz), in new sequences, in PP CS6 sequences and with other .aif and .mp3 audio which had not been created in Logic Pro X. 


      After some investigation on the web, it appears that Garageband or Logic Pro X somehow change the clock speed of PP when both apps are opened.  One workaround (and I'm still experimenting with this) appears to be shutting down Logic Pro X AND PP, then relaunching only PP and inserting the audio.  Here is a thread from Creative Cow on the issue:  http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/920242


      As you can imagine, this is a pain in the ***, especially if you want to be able to go back and forth between video and audio revisions which I often do when finalizing a project.  


      Question 1)  Does having Garageband or Logic Pro X disrupt the proper clock speed of PP CC and PP CS6?


      Question 2)  If so, is there a way to change the clock speed without having to close the apps and then only reopen PP?


      Question 3)  Are there any simpler workarounds?