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    Beta 3 - slow ide keyboard movement

      I'm using the FB 3 standalone beta 3. I'm in the process of converting a rather large ActiveX control written in Delphi to Flex. I've written my self a converter that does some basic syntax conversion of the delphi source code and then I manually do the rest. Now I've been doing this since before the FB 3 came out. All of a sudden with beta 3 I'm noticing huge delays when moving the cursor around an .as file that has lots of syntax errors. It's awful. Basically, you do right->right->right>wait 5 seconds->right->right->right-wait 5 more seconds. It's really slowing me down and only started after beta 3.

      I tried to turn off various syntax highlighting stuff, but it doesn't seem to help.

      BTW, does anyone like the new "highlight every occurance of the current symbol" feature. I thought maybe that was what was slowing it down so I turned it off, but who knows, maybe it still does it behind the scenes because it didn't help.

      Also, when it's doing all this waiting, my CPU pegs at 50%. I have hyperthreading so that a full virtual CPU.
      If anyone has any ideas on a workaround I would love to hear it.