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    editing photo layers


      I used to have a photo editing procedure in CS5 - VERY easy - make layer on top and it was editable. Somehow I'm missing a step on CS6. Example: applying smart filter. There isn't adjustment layer option for this so I'm left with doing it on the background layer which isn't what I want to do. How do you open up the layer?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You must first convert you image layer into a smart object layer. Once you do that any filter you user on it will be a smart filter. You just use menu Filter>Filter Name.


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            Arrghmatey Level 1

            Thanks - my issue for awhile was trying to do it on the layer copy. How did you retain a background layer? It converted mine to a regular layer and the adjustments are below, not above...

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              I used an action I created a long time ago.  I often start an action by adding a new empty layer and move it to the top of the stack. Then stamped visible layers into it to have a composite to work on. I named the layer sharpening adjustment layer and converted to a smart object layer then added a reveal all layer in cast I wanted to adjust the effect. I wanted to have a filter mask to only work on edges so i created an edge selection before adding the smart filter. etc


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                Arrghmatey Level 1

                "stamped visible layers into it" Hmmm. Maybe that's your euphemism for inserted?


                I need to get a routine down - thing is I can leave my camera / editing alone for a long time - and it's *not* so much like riding a bike.


                *But* I can dink with layers again, in the way I remembered, so thanks.


                Is it important to have a locked background layer?