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    bar chart issue

    craig_mac Level 1
      Hi i am using cfchart,

      i have rotated the bar chart, so my column names are on the left side, the problem i have is.

      1. not all the column names are showing ie

      column name 1 - bar here
      - bar here
      - bar here
      - bar here
      column name 5 - bar here

      any ideas why this would be?

      also is there a way to force the witdh of each bar to 25px?
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          tomtomtom Level 1
          Hi craiglaw98,
          I have a quite similar problem even though my bars are still 'upright'. I coulnd't yet figure out how to name EACH column and if this would work how to write the columnnames vertically. I'm actually using CF8.
          Sorry no big help :-)
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            Level 7
            when you say "i have rotated a bar chart" that makes me think back to
            CFMX6, which had the 'rotated=yes/no' attribute for charts... which
            version of cf are you on?

            in cfmx7/cf8 look under {cf install dir}\charting\styles and you will
            see a bunch of .xml files - they define chart styles. open the
            default.xml in your fav editor and find the lines

            <labelStyle isHideOverlapped="true" orientation="Horizontal"/>
            <titleStyle font="Arial-12-bold" isMultiline="false"/>

            change isHideOverlapped="true" to "false" and ALL your labels will be
            you can change lots of other styles there, too.

            if you do not want to change the default.xml - save it under your
            website root with whichever name you want to give it (but with .xml
            extension), make changes in that file, and then reference it in the
            STYLE attribute of CFCHART tag, i.e.: <cfchart
            style="mynewstylefile.xml" ...>


            Azadi Saryev