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    External Interface cross domain issue

    Jesse-WPNI Level 1
      I have a simple AS to JS function call passing two variables on a page. It works fine locally. But on the server nothing happens.

      I have my swf on aaa.com/.../videoCore2.swf

      and my JS on bbb.com/.../le.js

      and the page is served from ccc.com/.../videoCore2test/

      when I have it running locally it works until I change the location of the swf to the one on the server.

      I have allowScriptAccess: always and my swf has System.security.allowDomain("*");

      It seems as soon as the swf has a off domain location it has no JS access to the page. Is there anyway around this?

      My Thanks in advance

      my calls are as such:
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I'm not sure about the js coming from the third domain and how that part works. But you should make sure that whatever that javascript code generates in terms of the resulting embedding parameters, that you get allowscriptaccess="always" in your swf embedding. Your swf needs to have that parameter set that way to work with local javascript if its embedded from a different domain
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            Jesse-WPNI Level 1
            Actaully I just tracked it down. For some reason UFO isn't dropping the right allowScriptAccess value. It's in the object going in but it's not coming out.

            It worked when I hardcoded the object.

            Sorry guys. Should have check the generated source sooner.