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    Best Way to Set Change Bars on Right Margin

    Wandering Gypsie Level 1

      I'm an InDesign newbie and need to set change bars on the right margin. I have a two-part question.


      First: from looking around at relevant blogs/tutorials that I've found, I've come to the conclusion that my best approach is to:


      1. Creat an (rectangle) object

      2. Draw a line with the desired change bar properties

      3. Cut and paste the line into the object

      4. Cut the object

      5. Use Object > Anchored Object > Insert to set the size and location of the object

           5a. X = aligned to page margin at negative width of containing frame (e.g., -45p0)

           5b. Y = alingned at baseline


      Does this sound right? Are there alternative/better ways?


      Second: I need a way to automate the above so that it can be applied to many instances of change. I have character style that marks every change which comes into InDesign from InCopy. From what I've seen, it doesn't look like it will be too hard to write a (javascript) script that does the above for every occurrence of the character style, thus automatically inserting my change bar/anchored object in every location where it's needed.


      Does this sound right? Any suggestions or references to existing scripts that do something like this?