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    [JS][CS6] - Use BridgeTalk from INDD to pass filepath to Bridge and set presentationPath?

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      I can't seem to get the BridgeTalk part of my script to work. All I'm trying to do is open a specific folder location in BRIDGE from INDD. Right now Bridge opens but does not navigate to the correct folder. I know the folder is valid because in my script right after this point the folder opens in the operating system just fine.


      Here's what I have:


      var filePath = array[i].toSource ();
      bt = new BridgeTalk;
      bt.target = "bridge";
      bt.body = "app.document.presentationPath = eval (" + filePath + ")";
      bt.onResult = function (resObj) {};
      bt.send ();
      BridgeTalk.bringToFront ("bridge");


      The array[i] holds the filepath as a string. If I change the bt.body to


      bt.body = "app.document.presentationPath = "/my folder/another folder/"";


      it works. I assume the problem is how I'm trying to pass the filePath var?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.