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    Text Editor over 1500 lines of text extremely slow!

      Has anyone else noticed that if you start a new as file that you can put 'test' from left to right about 50 times and then copy and paste that line over 1500 lines and try to type that it can only type like 1 letter a second? I thought that it was trying to reference variables and verifying code but I ended up debugging it and just copying the word 'test' over and over again and noticed that anything over about 1500 lines that it starts eaten up ALL my processor and can only type a little over a letter / sec. Originally I noticed when I was coding the main form in flex at its about 3300 lines of code, I try to modify a couple values and its almost an all night event to change one function around a little bit.

      What Im trying to get at is asking if anyone
      1. Has had this issue and
      2. How can I fix this issue by disabling or fixing something?

      If anyone could help me, I would be SO happy =D I have almost now started using notepad, then copying and pasting it into my editor cause it takes SO long to just type it out without any intellesence or anything. Thanks
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          JeffreyGong Level 1
          Hi ProphetJOracle,

          I have the same problem. If you have big RAM (more than 1.5G) for your PC, you may try to increase the numbers in additional compiler arguments as below


          in your Flex comiler or FlexBuilder.ini.

          To see if it helps you.


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            ProphetJOracle Level 1
            Had tried that with no such luck a little bit ago. For some reason though, about a week ago without changing anything, it started acting normally 'as in was acting like notepad' but for only a short while then when I got back to my computer after a couple hours it had gone back the same way. Before it had done that I thought that it was the editor, and probably still can be, but I really need to know whats going on in the back to be able to debug why its so slow and what I can do to remove all the extra features. Thanks
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              Dan McAdam
              Hi guys...
              I started running into this same issue the past couple of days. I've had FB 2.01 running fine for over 8 months (with the exception of installing the FB 3 Beta 3 which screwed everything up and forced me to completely uninstall all Adobe products and 'clean' up and re-install everything..that was fun<8-)

              I'm working on a couple of projects for customers and getting ready to go live with one next week, so I was panicking big time... I decided to take the dog for a walk and while I was out, it occured to me that this behavior (the slow typing, slow everything) was only in one project (only 200 lines or so) and I was able to close that project and open bigger projects (500 lines or so) and they worked fine.
              Likewise, editing XML files in the same project worked ok... it was just the actionscipt in Script blocks in the MXML documents...

              so, I copied out my code from the problem file to Notepad, deleted the project, created a new folder and a new project and pasted in the code... viola... back to normal

              So, I guess something about that project got corrupted or something

              I make my living with this stuff... so its pretty upsetting to have to deal with issues like this... and its pretty much my worst nightmare realized, remembering when I first heard that Adobe was taking over Macromedia... on the other hand, i heard Adobe just passed the 3 (or 4) billion dollar mark in sales for the first time... which just gives me a warm feeling all over (if you know what I mean<;-)