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    responses missing column headings




      My responses, when viewed using the "view responses" tab, or when downloaded as a .csv have lost most of their field headings.


      The form has 8 field headings.  The view responses / .csv has only two.


      See below.



      I understand there are no responses - this is not the issue. 


      Even when I had some responses to download, the field heading were missing.  I deleted the responses to see if this would refresh things.





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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Might you have accidentally deleted those headings?  There is a "History" at the bottom right of the View Responses tab where you might see if you had previously deleted those column headers, you can expand the history by clicking on the clock icon.


          You can re-enter or copy and paste the names back into those headings.  In order to match them up correctly you could fill out the form entering the field label into each field and submit that, then you could copy that data into the column headers and you'd be sure to put the right labels in each column header.





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            Sintaung_Simon Level 1

            Thanks Josh,


            That certainly could have happened.


            I was rather ignorant that the headings could be deleted - I thought they were a (fixed) representation of the field headings on the form.


            Thus, it followed that their disappearance was a mystery to me.


            That's fine - I'll recreate them - and hopefully, it won't happen again.

            Thanks for a speedy reply