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    CF Builder trial reinstallation issue.

    Golden Jet

      Back in June I installed the CF Builder trial on my work machine.  2 days later I had to uninstall it due to our software compliance policies.  I *maybe* used it twice, and have been using our standard Eclipse (Juno) with CFEclipse plugin IDE.  We are planning on migrating away from DW and will either stick with Eclipse/CFEclipse or move to CF Builder, if we can trial it!


      Fast forward to last week.  All the issues have been taken care of, I'm free to install CF Builder and evaluate it for possible purchase by my team.  I download latest trial install, go through installation, and am promptly told at first activation of the new install my trial period has expired!


      Yes, I did install it over 60 days ago, but I almost immediately uninstalled it once I was notified it was a no-no and did not use it.