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    How do I resolve a Transcoding Error in Premier9

    Graeme Whyte

      I realise that there are a number of strands already on this problem and have tried various suggestions offered to no avail.

      I am running XP Professional, have 3.7gb of working memeory and 700gb of free space for scratch files etc on an external hard drive. It is a NVIDIA Ge Force 8500 GT graphics card.

      The project is 33 minutes long and when burning the trancoding error message appears variously on repeat tries at 14% and at 0% when encoding media.

      The project was originally 15 minutes long and burned fine. Since then I have added more material from same source (photos and video from lumix DMCTZ10 camera) with the same settings. The only other difference was using a menu template on PreE_9 with menu markers.

      I have already tried:

      1. Turning Off internet security

      2. Switching off screen saver and running other programms

      3. Deleting and redoing project

      4. Ensuring no gaps in project

      5. Burning to file (same transcoding error)

      6. Deleting menu stop markers

      7. Rendering before burning

      When burning space reuired was 2gb (at high quality setting - although have tried other lower quality settings with no difference).

      Some photos were high quality althogh this was not a problen when originally burning.

      A message has appeared a number of times (when editing and burning) to save data as memory is low although this did not get in the way of burning original project.

      I seem to be running out of options and would be grateful for any further suggestions to try before getting any older and losing any more hair!