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    Subclips with C100 AVCHD Footage

    Graham L Clark



      We are working on a project with C100 footage shot over many cards. Our organization in terms of file management is very organzied with footage seperated in folders by subject, date, and card number in both the NLE and our finders, but problem arises when sharing projects from assistant to lead editor. Our master clips relink without issues, but subclips remain offline and are only relinked when done individually.


      Because our C100 camera resets the file number to 00000.mts every card change we end up not being able to tell if our set subclips are from Card 1 or Card 2...etc. When trying to batch relink the system ends up linking all our subclips to the first file in the designated folder and freezing it at the first frame. I have read that C100 file management has some serious bugs, but would love to hear if anybody has had any experience in working around this issue before we have to rename or convert a few terabytes of our footage. We have considered renaming using clipwrap or automater. If you require any more info please ask and I thank anyone for any input.