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    RTMFP firewall requirements

    flmmaas Level 1

      While deploying our RTMFP based solutions to customers, we repeatedly have problems explaining why it is necessary to open so many outbound UDP ports for RTMFP to work effectively.

      We have to fight against corporate network administrators and their management, who tend to think only in terms of risk avoidance. Opening this amount of ports is considered a high risk by them.

      This currently is a severe road block on the way of rolling out our applications to the community.

      I am asked to produce a good document that explains in clear words why this is necessary, and why the incurred risk is negligible.


      I can not imagine that we are the only application builders and deployers that encounter this issue.

      Most probably Adobe has already given this some thought or has written some authoritative document on this issue. Is it fair to assume that Adobe as some kind of convincing corporate guideline available to explain the issue and convince conservative administrators to set the port definitions as required? I hope you can help me to such a specific document.


      It would also help if such a document is supported by a list of names of companies who have implemented such a firewall configuration. It may well be that our request is already publicly available and that we are just ignorant about it. In that case please send us a pointer. We have been working with the Adobe products for many years now and have never found the straight and convincing answer for corporate organizations.


      Looking forward to your response.


      With kind regards,

      Frans Maas