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    Clone stamp not working with Scripts



      My sister wants to do a stop motion and she would like to remove a stone on every picture.

      I tried to make a script, but when I apply it it doesn't change anything, so I wanted to know if it is possible to use the clone stamp with scripts, and if yes, how ?


      Thank you very much in advance for your help !


      And sorry if my English isn't really good, i'm french !

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you actually using scripts or actions?  I tried the clone stamp with actions, and I got the same result.  You can use the spot healing brush to remove the rock.  that works with an action, as long as you have "Allow Tool Recording" turned on - not sure the menu item's name in French.  The other option to record an action that does this:  Make a selection of an area you want placed over the rock, duplicate that selection to a new layer (cmd/ctrl-J), move the cutout image over the rock, then merge down the layer.

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            Flug_in Level 1

            Thank you for this really fast answer, yes it's an Action and not a script, sorry I did not check the translation !

            It worked with the "Allow Tool Recording" on, thank you so much !