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    Sum of related values in a table


      Forgive me...  I'm a total newby at livecycle.  I have a dynamic table where the user starts out with only one row for information, but can add rows as needed  (add instance) to list more buildings.  Among other things, they must indicate the location of the building (from a drop down menu - ie. there is a binding value for each location) and an amount representing the insurable value of the building.


      LC1$ 100,000
      LC1$ 125,000
      LC1$ 100,000
      LC2$ 150,000
      LC2$ 130,000
      LC3$ 200,000
      LC3$ 175,000
      LC3$ 100,000


      In a totally different subform I can generate the grand total quite nicely using formcalc:    sum (Buildings.Row4[*].Amount[*])


      But how would I generate a sum for each location?  In other words, use the location as the criteria for amounts that get lumped together.